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Privacy Notice

We believe that the safety of the customer first, here is an overview of our security policy, or if you have any questions, please contact customer service. As you can see can be stored for security and privacy, and to process personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and fair laws,

We take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data, such as encryption technology, and to provide the industry standards.

When you visit our website, we gather billing account the provision of goods and consultation requires some privacy. Just as we keep your information to process orders, and returns a response process / complaints will be returned orders, or promotional material.

Normally we are not sure it directly to our agents, and our instructions for processing card processing financial information.

Delivered to us, which is to print your data, electronic information, give up

Through registration, you can subscribe to promotions and special offers to choose from. From here you can send an email to withdraw at any time from our service

We have the European Economic Area ( "EEA"), unless you can be in this situation, the users of payment processing / data recovery, or to send an order from their products in the European Economic Area, the external information to send promotional messages.

Our site can be identified by the previous user, and biscuits. Visit our website to meet the needs of cookies. You can adjust the settings for the Internet use cookies.

This site contains links to other websites for your privacy is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites.

By providing your details you accept the risks of the Internet and all the information, not only does not lose in breach of the duty of care to you.

cookies policy
This policy explains what cookies are, how we use it, and how to turn it off.

1. How do we use cookies
We use a combination of proprietary and third-party cookies to improve the site and hopes to work effectively. In particular, we use cookies to:

You can create an account, orders and payments;
Remember that you can put a basket of goods;
Keep in mind that you are looking for quickly and easily be able to return to the article to read the previous paragraph;
Boosting shopping experience.

2. What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file stored in the browser (eg, a computer, tablet or phone) on top. Cookies do not contain personal information such as credit card number, name and date of birth.

3. What are cookies?
Our website uses persistent cookies. 1. Log in to a session in force until immediately free. Standing out from the session cookies are removed. A cookie is not permanently deleted at the end of each session.

Cookies are a significant site, a major injury, which occurs may interfere with our website, can be used as a shopping cart or payment.

Performance cookies collect anonymous information about users. We use this information to improve the future and the problems that can occur to identify.

The function and appearance of cookies on our site to see adjusted. For example, the next time you visit the cookie to remember the user name and language preferences.

Alcohol or transfer the cookies are suitable for the functioning of ad networks. Before clicking on cookies to track website by clicking to share detailed information with other organizations or some advertisers. Cookies can also help to measure the effectiveness of the action.

Independent accept cookies to use our online services, on our website.

4. If you delete your cookies, what would happen?
If you delete or disable cookies, you can use or buy a significant part of our website. Further information about cookies, including information on how to change the settings of your browser to delete cookies statement, you can get detailed information on the Internet.